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Teaching Laboratory of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements

The teaching laboratory of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements is based on ten workbenches each equipped with the basic instrumentation for common electrical measurements (oscilloscopes, multimeters, DC power supplies), and a computer with data acquisition card, and software for data processing, finite element modeling. In addition, general instrumentation is available for various types of measurements:

  • acceleration measurements, with piezoelectric accelerometers and MEMS
  • displacement measurements with resistive, eddy current, LVDT transducers
  • strain measurements, with a conditioning system for electrical resistance strain gauges
  • acoustic measurements, with piezoelectric pressure transducers
  • temperature measurements, with thermocouple signal conditioning system and low-cost thermal imaging cameras for non-contact measurements

Inside the laboratory, students carry out laboratory activities for the Industrial Production Engineering and Mechanical Engineering educational courses, and thesis activities that require the development of dedicated test setups.