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SIMET – Metallurgical Investigations Division


The laboratory activities concern traditional and innovative metallic materials. In all the studies that have been carried out, the main interest has been the correlation between microstructure (investigated by metallographic techniques) and mechanical properties (investigated by different kind of mechanical tests).

Field of interest and research are:

  • Traditional and innovative steels
  • Aluminum, Titanium and Nichel alloys
  • Wear resistant layers
  • Industrial heat treatments


Mechanical testing machines

  • electromechanical universal testing machine for: tensile and compression tests (ambient and high temperature), and bending tests
  • electromechanical testing machine for high load-low frequency fatigue tests and fracture mechanics tests
  • hydraulic testing machines for axial fatigue tests (ambient and high temperature, at Mechanical Department in Bovisa Campus)
  • rotating bar bending fatigue tests machine
  • charpy pendulum for impact tests
  • micro and macro hardness machines
  • n°4 creep test machine array

Devices for metallographic preparation

  • cutting machines
  • mounting press machines
  • wet grinding and lapping machines
  • light optical microscope (for medium and high magnifications)
  • light optical stereo-microscope (for low magnifications)
  • scanning electron microscope (at Mechanical Department in Bovisa Campus)

Devices for heat treatments on small specimens

  • 900°C and 1300°C furnaces
  • 1200°C tube furnace
  • jominy test machine
  • cooling tank
  • dilatometer

Other devices

  • devices for Non-destructive Testings: Penetrant testig and Ultrasonic testing
  • salt fog spray corrosion chamber
  • pin/ball-on-disk tribometer
  • contact profilometer
  • hole-drilling method residual stress measurement system

Services for Companies

  • mechanical characterization in static mode (tensile and compression tests) of metallic materials, at ambient and high temperature.
  • fatigue characterization of metallic materials, crack propagation and fracture toughness with fracture mechanics testings.
  • creep-rupture and Stress-rupture tests of metallic materials
  • heat treatments optimization of steels, aluminium, titanium and nichel alloys
  • stress corrosion cracking in marine environment
  • salt fog spray and continuous condensation corrosion tests on medium-small components
  • metallographic analysis
  • failure analysis of metallic components
  • study of wear resistant layers behaviour by pin-on-disk and ball-on-disk wear tests
  • residual stress measurement on metallic components by Hole-drilling method
  • static load tests on medium components
  • mechanical-metallurgical training course and consulting