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Mountain Hydraulics Laboratory


The Mountain Hydraulics Lab does experimental and numerical research with particular focus on the prototypal processes of river hydro-morphology, a topic that has important implications for land protection and is of particular relevance for the territorial context of Northern Italy, including Lecco surroundings. We study morphologic phenomena with altimetric evolution of river beds, local scour at river structures, bed forms, and sediment transport processes with granulometric variability. The lab also performs didactic demontrations for the above processes and for pipe flow, supporting the courses of Hydraulics, Fluid Dynamics, Hydraulics+Hydraulic Constructions, River Hydraulics, Hydrogeological Risks in Mountain Area.

Clicca qui per un videodocumentario di una ricerca recente.


  • magnetic flow-meters for water discharges
  • acoustic probes for fluid velocities
  • optical devices for flow and sediment transport measurements
  • gauges for water and sediment elevations


Dr. Alessio Radice
Tel. 0341.48.8893