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INDEXLAB - Creativity & Technology


Indexlab is a cross-disciplinary research environment committed to materializing memorable design aesthetics through innovative and competitive realization processes. We design groundbreaking construction systems for new tectonics in architecture. We specialize in computational design, digital and robotic fabrication, simulation, interaction and media design. We build prototypes of complex forms through the application of cutting-edge technology and the use of natural materials, metals, polymers, cement-based materials and composites. 

Research areas:

  • robotic assembly systems for free form structures and claddings
  • robotic manufacturing systems for mass customized insulated wall panels
  • cellular aggregate systems for free form structures and claddings
  • responsive facade optimization systems for double curved surfaces
  • reciprocal frame optimization systems for spatial structures
  • reciprocal shading systems for double curved surfaces
  • rapid mold manufacturing systems for mass-customized elements
  • reconfigurable mold systems for mass-customized panels
  • robotic 3D printing systems


  • six axis anthropomorphic robot
  • thermoforming machine
  • robot end effectors and tools to perform complex manipulations and manufacturing processes on natural materials, metals, polymers, cement-based materials, composites
  • microcontrollers, sensors and actuators

Services for Companies

  • production of technical drawings and documents for Tendering complex architecture
  • algorithmic and parametric modeling, design of evolutionary algorithms
  • 3D/4D model coordination
  • quantity take-offs, geometric analysis of complex models
  • production process management and optimization for non-standard components
  • design and optimization of non-standard cladding panels and substructures
  • design and realization of innovative building systems
  • algorithmic robot programming
  • design and realization of custom end effectors for new applications
  • computational design, digital and robotic fabrication courses and workshops

The list of our services is continuously evolving. Indexlab is always looking for new challenges.


PhD. Pierpaolo Ruttico
Tel. 0341.48.8886