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Human Vibration Laboratory


The vibration has a negative effect on the comfort and on the health of workers. In the Human Vibration Laboratory we study the effect of vibration on the human body from different points of view:

  • experimental study, on unique facilities, of the response of the body to uniaxial and multiaxial vibrations
  • modelling of the response of the human body to vibration
  • measurements of vibration generated by hand-held powered tools and vehicles
  • design of systems and anti-vibration devices for the reduction of hand-arm and whole-body vibrations

We collaborate with the main international research centres for the study of the effect of vibrations on the human body and with several companies for the study of interventions to mitigate the risk arising from exposure to vibration.


Human body response to vibration

  • Triaxial shaker for the study of the response of the human body to multiaxial vibrations and for seat testing
  • System for the study of human body response to vibration while walking
  • Uniaxial shaker for studying the response of the hand-arm system to vibrations
  • Uniaxial shaker for the study of the whole body response to vertical vibrations
  • Posture analysis system based on stereoscopic cameras

Exposure measurement

  • Systems for the assessment of exposure to vibration in compliance with ISO 5349 and ISO 2631 standards
  • Systems for measuring man-tool contact pressure and forces
  • Portable systems for measuring the posture at the workplace

Services for Companies

  • Measurement of vibration generated by electromechanical or pneumatic tools in accordance with the regulatory framework
  • Design of systems to reduce vibrations transmitted to workers and athletes
  • Characterization of the effectiveness of gloves in reducing vibrations generated by power tools
  • Characterization of the effectiveness of seats in reducing vibrations transmitted to the body
  • Characterization of footwear in terms of reduction of vibrations transmitted to workers
  • Characterization of bicycle and motorcycle components in terms of reduction of vibrations transmitted to the rider