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Leadership Certificate

At our center, we provide training and opportunities for students to start developing their leadership potential.

Leadership is not defined by the title a person holds and oftentimes talent is not enough to exercise it wisely.  Modern leadership is complex and it has multiple modalities.  In a competitive, interdisciplinary world, it requires self-exploration and a sense of responsibility for the well-being of others.  Leadership is a process, an attitude that can be developed. It is a journey that lasts a lifetime, and it can start for you right here and right now before you leave this campus.   

Apply for a Leadership Certificate today!

What is this?

The Leadership Certificate attests that a student has participated and completed a journey of theoretical learning, which consists of interdisciplinary, co-curricular workshops, hands-on experiences in community service, and opportunities for reflection and self-growth.

Why should I get it?

The Leadership Certificate documents your commitment to learning and practicing leadership skills for future employment.   However, the most important aspect of this program is the opportunities it gives you to explore theories and styles of leadership.  This process could enrich both your personal and professional life.  Some leadership competences are innate, but others must be developed!

How can I obtain it?

This certificate is only available to students of Polimi Lecco Campus currently in the Master programs, the Specialistica or the last two years of the Quinquennale. In order to start the process for participation, you must complete the Initial Application you find in the “How can I apply?” section of this website. This application is not a binding document. It will simply provide us with information to contact you, if necessary, and to inform you of new opportunities. Applying for the actual certificate before you graduate will be your decision and responsibility.  

The following are the steps to obtain a Leadership Certificate:

  • Fill in the online form for the Initial Application to the Program (interested students should apply with, at least, a year before their projected graduation date in order to complete the requirements);
  • Stop by the Center for Leadership Development (E0.1) to pick up your information packet (Student Packet for Leadership Certificate). This packet will guide you through the process. It also contains samples of the forms you will need to submit to our Center;
  • Sign up and attend a minimum of three co-curricular workshops or courses offered by the Center for Leadership Development. Two of these offerings are obligatory, and the third can be of your choice. These opportunities will be announced to you via e-mail and on our website;
  • Submit proof (Field of Action Validation Form) of having participated in a minimum of 20 hours of service to your community or campus;
  • Write and submit the “Reflection Statement”;
  • Alert the Center for Leadership Development of your exact graduation date to process your certificate.

Certificates will be given out to you upon graduation.

Who do I contact for information?

If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed in this website or in the “Student Packet for the Leadership Certificate”, please contact

How can I apply?

After you fill out your online initial application to advise us of your intentions to follow this program, you must stop by the Center for Leadership Development (E0.1) to pick up your program packet. All other forms need to be sent together at least 3 weeks prior to your graduation date. All the information you provide will be verified and your Request for Issue of Leadership Certificate will be processed.