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Additional Professional Offers

Polo Lecco organizes free career and leadership training to provide its students opportunities to enrich their professional curriculum, and make them highly competitive candidates in the global job market.

International Communication For Professional Development

This course is dedicated to the analysis and discussion of how individual cultural perceptions can influence the way we relate to each other. There is an in-depth study of linguistic factors which produce communicate breakdown as well as exposure to models of positive behaviors which facilitate intercultural relations. This course targets mainly the “soft skills” necessary in the international world of work.

Creating and Delivering Presentations in English

This course offers students intensive training in the art of Public Speaking by  practicing Business English norms and professional presentation standards. It aims to train participants to lose the fear of presenting their ideas to others, using clear and well-structured techniques to convince and influence listeners.


In addition, there are various professional workshops offered throughout the academic year: Team-building Skills, Gender Communication in the Workplace, Time Management, Cover Letter/ CV Writing, and Principles of Leadership.

These co-curricular opportunities help the students acquire essential work-related competencies to succeed in a highly competitive global job market”


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