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Sport and culture

Sport at Lecco Campus

Sports activities have been taking place at our campus since 2009 when Polosportivo Project was created.

Although this project follows a British-inspired model, it also respects the authentic characteristics of our territory, the long-standing sports traditions of the Lecco region, and the techno-scientific skills that our university emphasizes.

The city of Lecco aspires to be a true “university town” where students can engage in dynamic initiatives, such as sports. The peculiar natural beauty and resources available in our area are the perfect platform for students to enjoy an active life.

For further information visit the POLIMIsport website.

Cultural Activities

Aside from the single cultural events which are organized during the academic year (art exhibits, conferences, institutional tours, etc.) whose information you will find in the “event” section of our website, Polo Lecco is a main promoter of a project to diffuse contemporary art and culture:


This initiative aims to create a contemporary art collection for the city of Lecco thanks to a greater synergy between local industries and the arts.

Polo Lecco, together with local institutions and associations, has been involved in promoting a closer collaboration between the industrial world and that of culture to affirm the notion that both worlds can gain from this mutually enriching rapport.

Today, the Politecnico collection has 9 works of art that can be seen for free at the the Campus - Building B