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The library at Polo territoriale Lecco was created with the objective to provide adequate support to the study and the research taking place on campus.

There are 8.500 monographs. Of these, about 7.500 are on  open shelves according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. There are also 40 periodicals with current subscriptions, and 500 graduation thesis (up to the year 2010).
The OPAC catalog can be viewed online.

The electronic periodicals, the data banks, and the e-books can be obtained from the individual library computers or they can be accessed configuring the proxy.

The Polo di Lecco library has:

  • a room on the ground floor (periodicals and monographs): there is a 64 seat-occupancy  for consultation, for studying and for lending of material
  • a reading room on the first floor: 104 seat-occupancy for individual studying

To access library services, users must be registered students who have received approval from the Ateneo, and have a current magnetic student identification card.  Sat 9:00am-6:00pm