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MIMA: Martian Infrared Mapper

The research goal is the feasibility assessment of Fourier Transform Spectrometers for Mars soil and atmosphere study. The instruments under study are the Martian Infrared Mapper, MIMA, and a derived miniaturized version, microMIMA. Those instruments were proposed for the rover and landing modules of the Exomars missions.

The team of Politecnico is responsible for the design, manufacturing, integration, verification and testing of the opto-mechanical system. The most challenging design constraints are the mass limits, 1 kg overall for MIMA and 250g for MicroMIMA, the large design loads deriving from the landing shock (100 times the earth acceleration gravity) and the operative environment, temperature range -120 to 30 C, strong winds in a CO2 atmosphere.

A fully representative model, for mass, size and optical components, of MIMA has been built and tested under the foreseen mechanical and thermal environments.

For MicroMIMA only a laboratory model, representative from the functional point of view but not for the mass-size aspects has been realized.

The instrument design has been optimized to achieve low sensitivity to instrument vibrations both from the reduction of the transmission and with the development of new more effective strategies for the sampling/data processing.


Research group

Mechanical and thermal Measurements Laboratory, coordinator Prof. Bortolino Saggin


European Space Agency (ESA) and Italian Space Agency (ASI)