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DiGeSPo - DIstributed CHP GEneration from small size concentrated Solar Power

DIGESPO - Distributed CHP generation from small size concentrated Solar Power, started in January 2010, is a project funded by the European Commission for the construction of a solar thermal power plant for home, capable of producing electrical and thermal energy from solar radiation.

The developed technology should be compatible with the installation in houses, public, commercial and industrial buildings. The electrical energy produced by the plant will be used on site or given to the grid, while the thermal energy will be used to heat or cool rooms, or integrated with the production processes if installed in an factory.

Innovative technologies are in phase of optimization to maximize the overall system efficiency and the thermal radiation collection ability through the development of a solar tracking system to direct the parables towards the sun during the day.

Specifically, the activity of Politecnico di Milano has focused on the characterization of materials for solar radiation absorption and conversion into heat energy. The coating is in fact constituted by a particular compound metal-ceramic - Cer-Met - able to maximize the absorption and reduce the emission of energy, with very interesting features of thermal stability at the foreseen working temperatures.

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Barbara Rivolta


  • Dipartimento REET della Fondazione Bruno Kessler di Trento
  • UniversitÓ di Uppsala in Svezia
  • ELectronic MAchining srl
  • Narva Lichtquellen Gmbh
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