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Business planning of the production of machines for printing Organic Photovoltaic Modules

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The project is funded by the company OMET srl, a world leader in the production of flexo printing machines, located in Lecco.
Thanks to the research led on nanomaterials by the staff of Politecnico, the objective is to industrialize the realization of a machine for the printing of photovoltaic panels on flexible substrates on a large scale, using organic material. This allows to significantly reduce the production costs.

Currently a prototype has been set up for experiments and tests, and the objective is now to optimize the performance of the modules, as well as their durability. Further options may be represented by the printing, through the same technology, of OLED lighting systems and electrical circuits.

The Lecco Campus of Politecnico within the project supports the planning and the organization of activities, with the study of the potential market and the evaluation of main business opportunities.

Scientific partner

IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia