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BLESS: Bed LEvel Seeking System

BLESS is a new device patented by Politecnico di Milano. It was developed by an interdisciplinary team from three different departments: Hydraulics, Mechanics and Energy. This instrument can identify the interface between different state of the matters (solid/liquid/gas) thanks to temperature and temperature variation measures.

BLESS is an array of temperature sensors based on fiber optics technology. The sensors are Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG). The innovation is an electrical circuit that heats the fiber thanks to the dissipation Joule effect. The heat produced by the Joule effect is then scattered due to conduction (solid state) and convection (flowing liquid/gas) and the basic concept is that the temperature sensors in flowing liquid/gas should sense a lower temperature than those in a solid state as the heat dispersion is much higher for the former ones. The interface is located between two consecutive sensors that have different temperature or temperature variation behaviour. International article link.

The continuous research and development of BLESS is possible also with external collaborations: GHT photonics (Padova) and Celm-sistemi (Cremona) companies. Both work in fiber optic technology.

BLESS laboratory is a hydraulic channel in which many different hydrodynamic conditions can be simulated. This facility is flexible enough to guarantee the development of BLESS.

Read the scientific article published on the flow measurement and instrumentation journal.