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Field surveys of flood damage data

The main objective of the research project, which is in collaboration with the Civil Protection of the Umbria Region (Central Italy), is to develop a procedure for flood damage data collection and estimation in the aftermath of flood events.

The nature of the project is multi-disciplinary, implying research in different fields as civil engineering, spatial planning, economics, informatics, geomatics; from this perspective, the role of Politecnico is crucial. On the other hand, actions and tools proposed by the research need to be tested on the field by people who will be responsible in the future for their implementation as well as training is necessary to make them familiar with suggested tools; support and feedback from the Civil Protection are for these reasons required.

First actions and tools developed by the project have been successfully tested during the recent flood event which hit the Umbria Region in November 2012. Moreover the project got attention also from the international community mainly because standardised/common procedures for flood damage assessment do not exist across Europe. For this reason an international seminar has been recently organized at Lecco Campus (on January,23-24 2012) on the theme: Flood damage survey and assessment: which priorities for future research and practice? More than 20 people were involved from all over Europe.