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SIMET – Metallurgical Investigations Division


The laboratory is specialized in metallurgical investigations of traditional and innovative metallic materials. The main interest is the correlation between the material’s microstructure (investigated through the use of metallographic techniques) and its mechanical properties (investigated by the use of mechanical testings).

Research areas:

  • Traditional and innovative steels
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Wear resistant layers
  • Industrial heat treatments


Mechanical testings machines

  • n.2 universal electromechanical testing machine for tensile (at room and at high temperature), bending and fracture mechanics tests
  • rotating bar bending fatigue test machine
  • impact test machine
  • micro and macro hardness tester
  • n.4 creep and stress rupture test machines

Metallographic samples preparation machines

  • automatic and manual cut-off machine
  • automatic and manual hot mounting machine
  • mechanical grinding and polishing and electrolytic polishing machines
  • light optical microscope and stereo-microscope
  • scanning electron microscope with EDSX probe (Bovisa Campus, Milan)

Systems for heat treatments

  • furnaces up to 900 and 1300°C for small and medium specimens
  • cooling tank (water, oil or polymer)
  • jominy quenching apparatus
  • dilatometer   

Other devices

  • penetrants and ultrasonic non-destructive testings
  • salt fog spray chamber
  • pin and ball-on-disk tribometer
  • surface profiler and roughness tester
  • residual stress meter with hole drilling method

Services for companies

  • static mechanical characterization (tensile and compression) of metallic materials, at room and high temperature
  • fatigue characterization, crack propagation, fracture toughness of metallic materials
  • creep and stress rupture characterization of metallic materials
  • heat treatments optimization of steels and aluminium alloys
  • salt fog spray tests on materials or small components
  • metallographic analysis
  • failure analysis
  • study of wear behavior of hardened surface layers using ball or pin-on-disk tests
  • residual stress surface measurements
  • load tests on small and medium size components
  • metallurgical consultings


Ing. Agostino Silvestri
Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco
Via G. Previati, 1/c - 23900 Lecco
Tel. 0341.48.8782