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SensibiLab - Biomedical Sensors and Systems


SensibiLab develops solutions and models of systems and sensors usable in the remote monitoring of clinical research, in telemedicine, sports and aids for the disabled.

Activities focus on:

  • the design of wearable solutions to measure biological signals
  • communication aids to support the handicap

The laboratory operates on three levels:

  • technology, with the creation of sensor systems and their pre-processing architecture for the non-intrusive measurement of bio-physiological parameters
  • methodology, developing methods and algorithms for processing, in experimental and non-conventional paradigms, the data arriving from the sensors
  • application, experimentation and services in clinical, rehabilitative and sports areas


Brain-Computer Interface

  • 8 channels EEG Bluetooth;
  • 32 channels EEG PCMCIA
  • EEG online signal processing tools
  • home automation system connected to the BCI

Wearable system

  • wearable device for ECG single lead monitoring
  • wearable device with three leads ECG monitoring
  • wearable device for monitoring physical activity with triaxial accelerometer
  • wearable temperature sensors for monitoring the state of the residual limb using prosthesis

Laboratory instrumentation:

  • oscilloscope LeCroy wavejet 324
  • logic analyzer Lecroy MS-32
  • CNC 32 milling machineRoland Modela MDX-40
  • pick and Place with reflow oven

Services for companies

  • hardware and Software development for wearable monitoring
  • development of algorithms for signal and image processing
  • mobile application development


Prof. Giuseppe Andreoni - Ing. Paolo PeregoSensibilab
Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco
Via G. Previati, 1/c - Lecco
Tel. 0341.48.8897
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