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Mountain Hydraulics Laboratory


Originally created as a didactic laboratory supporting basic courses of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics, the Mountain Hydraulics Lab has been recently updated to a research infrastructure, within the development of the Polo Regionale di Lecco. 

Didactic experiments are performed for water flows in pressurized pipes and open-channel flows.

Research is focused on prototypal processes of river hydro-morphology, a topic that has important implications for land protection and is of particular relevance for the territorial context of Northern Italy, including Lecco surroundings. Experimental studies are used as benchmarks to develop and validate models and imply continuous development of measuring systems for specific applications.

Click here for a video-documentary of a recent research work.


  • magnetic flow-meters for water discharges
  • acoustic probes for fluid velocities
  • optical devices for flow and sediment transport measurements
  • gauges for water and sediment elevations

Services for companies

  • physical prototype modelling


Dr. Alessio Radice, Prof. Stefano Malavasi

Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco

Via G. Previati, 1/c - 23900 Lecco

Tel. 0341.48.8893