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Laboratory of Analysis and Numerical Research in Geotechnical Engineering


The main fields of interest refer to the numerical modelling of the mechanical behaviour of geo-materials (frictional and cohesive soils, soft rocks, rocks) and the studying of soil-structure interaction problems; both static and dynamic/impulsive loadings are considered.

Special attention is devoted to the effects of generalized environmental loads (water table oscillation, seasonal thermal or hydraulic effects,) on structure and geo-structures (e.g. active and passive retaining structures, embankments, earth reinforced structures).


The laboratory is composed of an experimental and numerical section:


  • digital logger for long term monitoring of partially saturated soils (3 theta probes for moisture content, 1 equitensiometer, 1 tensiometer jet-fill)
  • plate bearing loading system (diameter 300 mm)
  • oedometric cells and creep tests
  • triaxial high pressure chamber
  • rigid frame for experimental small soil-structure interaction problems on prototype structures (load controlled test, two independent loading components)


  • finite element codes, finite difference codes, distinct element codes for modelling static and dynamic/impulsive problems (e.g. for seismic or impact problems)

Services for companies

  • On site and laboratory experimental tests
  • On site tests on deep foundation under horizontal loads
  • Numerical modelling of boundary value problems
  • Innovative design approaches for soil-structure interaction problems


Prof. Francesco Calvetti - Ing. Andrea Galli
Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco
Via G. Previati, 1/c - 23900 Lecco
Tel. 0341.48.8860

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