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Laboratory Prototype


Prototypes Lab is equipped to realize a physical model of projects done through a design software The aim of the lab is to test and develop fast prototyping machines realizing architectural, environmental, land, territorial and design objects models.

In research, lab activities are implemented to verify methods and limits of use of prototyping machines in different types of project, taking into consideration the accuracy standards required, and the changes occurring in the design software.


  • Versa Laser VLS 6.60 laser cutting and engraving in 2D
  • Dimension Elite - for ABS 3D prints
  • Zcorp Spectrum Z510 - for 3D prints in higt performance composed powder

Services for companies

The prototypes lab is open to designers, architects, engineers, companies and craftsmen, for counselling and assistance in the development of drawings and the production of maquettes according the specific needs and aims.


Laboratorio Modelli
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