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GIcarus Lab - Surveying and Monitoring


The main focus of the Gicarus Lab is to handle different aspects of civil engineering and architecture with a particular attention to historical, structural, geotechnical and hydraulic issues. The laboratory is constantly keeping up with the newest technological advances and provides the following services:

  • architectural and engineering surveying and 2D/3D modeling
  • photogrammetry and laser scanning
  • land surveying
  • cartographic applications
  • remote sensing
  • monitoring systems



  • total stations
  • digital and optical levels
  • GNSS receivers

Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning

  • laser scanner for architectural projects
  • laser scanner for environmental surveying
  • calibrated digital cameras and photogrammetric cameras

Monitoring of Structural Movement

  • first order total stations
  • high precision digital and optical levels
  • different rods for geometric leveling
  • interferometric radar
  • inclination sensors (coordinatometers, plumb line) for tall buildings
  • micrometric sledges equipped with automatic zenith plummets for inclination measurement
  • digital and optical clinometers
  • digital and optical extensometers
  • systems for crack aperture measurement
  • automatic monitoring systems and real time data acquisition units

Services for Companies

  • surveying, photogrammetry and laser scanning
  • architectural and engineering surveying
  • 3D modeling and BIM
  • digital cultural heritage representation, HBIM
  • structural movement detection
  • advisory service


Prof.ssa Raffaella Brumana, Ing. Fabio Roncoroni
Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco
Via G. Previati, 1/c - 23900 Lecco
Tel. +39.02.2399.6534 / 8778
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