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COSMOS lab - COmb assiSted MOlecular Spectroscopy laboratory


The research activity makes use of an extremely advanced laser source, which produces a comb of millions of evenly spaced optical frequencies, for a highly accurate and sensitive investigation of the absorption of molecular compounds in the gas phase.

A first research direction, with a prevailing scientific relevance, adopts the frequency comb technology for:


  • the quantitative measurement of the absorption of molecules with strong environmental and medical interest, in the near-infrared and mid-infrared spectral regions
  • the highly accurate determination of spectroscopic parameters, as a way to get a deeper insight into the understanding of the energy levels structures of molecules, and to improve the accuracy of the currently available molecular databases
  • the measurement of fundamental constants of physics, e.g. the proton-to-electron mass ratio, in highly selected spectroscopic environments

A second research direction, with a prevailing orientation towards the applications of optical spectroscopy, aims at:

  • the realization of laser-based instrumentation for the detection and identification of preselected molecular compounds at extremely low concentrations, down to the few-parts-per-billion level
  • the design and development of a new generation of optical spectrometers based on the frequency comb technology for extremely fast detection and analysis of multiple gases, for the diagnostic of complex gaseous environments, such as human breath and industrial exhausts


  • frequency comb laser source and single-frequency laser sources in the near- and mid-infrared regions
  • gas handling components: pipes, measurement cells, high-finesse optical cavity, pressure gauges
  • hardware instrumentation for the analysis of electrical waveforms: oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, data acquisition boards

Services for companies

  • consulting in the field of optical sensors
  • consulting on the use of the Labview software


prof. Marco Marangoni

Politecnico di Milano - Polo territoriale di Lecco
Via G. Previati, 1/c - 23900 Lecco
Tel. 0341.48.8888